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US Custom's, Embassies, Travel Permits and Visa's
Passport information

New Visa Waiver Information

US Customs

US Embassies

US Passport and Visa Assistance


Pet Friendly Hotel Listings


Currency Converter's
American Express Currency Converter - Powered by Onda

Emergency Resources
Worldwide International Emergency Contact Numbers

Maps - (EU)

ViaMichelin - Route Planner, Maps, Tourist Information, Hotels and Restaurants

Mappy - Maps, traffic camera locations

Maps - (US)
Google Maps

Time Zone Converter
Amadeus World Time Tools
World Time Zone Interactive Map
World Time Zone Calculator

Travel Advisories
United States Department of States Travel Advisories
One of the best resources for United States citizens traveling abroad is the U.S. Department of State. Visit them online.

Weather (US)
US National Weather Service

Weather (EU)
Via Michelin

Weather (World Wide)
The Weather Channel

Travel Medical Evacuation Insurance
Air Ambulance

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